Investment Commentary - Kairys Properties
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Investments Commentary

Recent positive signs that the US Economy is gaining strength has made the return to normalized interest rates more likely to come sooner rather than later. The Fed is moving towards raising rates throughout 2018.
World markets have reacted positively to this new scenario, at least for the time being. I too view this positively for near and longer term economic and market performance.
Clearly, storm clouds remain and cannot be ignored. China and other major trading partners still face uncertainties and the after effect of so many years of zero to negative rates has yet to be determined. I am happy to share views on this with any of our clients and prospects.


In this environment, it behooves individual and institutional investors to consider alternatives to traditional choices and, as you might expect, just such an investment category has exploded on the investment scene in the last 5 to 10 years – namely, Alternative Investments. Categories within this new arena include: real estate, hedge funds, commodities, private equity and structured products and the level of risk vary greatly. Within the real estate sector is student housing, which is the entire focus of Kairys Group Inc. We are very proud of our track record and the promise of long term success.


We encourage you to do your own homework as it relates to alternatives in general and our firm in particular and to share your questions with us and your financial advisors.


Lew Kairys
January, 2018