About Us - Kairys Properties | Real estate Group in North Carolina
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Kairys Group Inc. is a commercial real estate investment company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We specialize in student housing development, targeting value add properties in prime locations within college and university towns throughout the Southeast. Our business is acquiring, developing, constructing and managing high-end, close to campus, and highly desirable places for students to live.

Our roots run deeply through North Carolina, allowing us opportunities that elude most institutional buyers. We have strong relationships with university and municipal officials, local businesses, and banks. These relationships have allowed us to successfully navigate through markets, which historically have high barriers to entry. We take great pride in what we have created and the reputation we have earned throughout the region.

Our core competencies have enabled us to recognize unique acquisition opportunities, assess all risks, and strategize dispositions. Our mission is to deliver long-term value to our investors, our tenants and the community.